Insurance program audit

Comprehensive review of your existing insurance program linking risks identified in our risk profiling process, commercial contract review and your own enterprise risk matrix.

This process acts as a health check for your coverage, premium spend, insurance procurement strategy ensuring  you insurance program reflects the strength of the balance sheet and risk retention appetite.

Full claims management

Our clear and consistent communication channels ensure that you are kept up to date with the progress of every claim. Getting claims resolved quickly with minimal impact on your business is our number one focus.

Injury management

The care of your injured workers is our priority. Our injury management partners are on the ground the moment an injury occurs, liaising with all relevant parties to ensure the claim is settled correctly and unnecessary costs are not incurred.


Workers compensation claims costs can blow out quickly if the injury is not managed instantly and efficiently from day one. This step is key to reducing your workers compensations premiums.

Risk profiling

An appropriate insurance solution can only come from understanding the full range of risks your business is exposed to. This is the basis of your risk identification and transfer strategy. Our simple risk profiling sessions will identify, allocate and deal with your risks.  Not all risks are insurable!

Business Continuity

A clear and formal business continuity plan WILL reduce your business interruption premiums. We utilise a flexible and client focused approach to building robust, scalable and user-friendly programs that support our clients to:


Gain a true measure of their vulnerabilities and dependencies.

Develop and implement plans and strategies, and

Create comprehensive scenario-based exercises and training.

Contract reviews

Astute contractual risk management ensures risks are identified at the early stages of all of your agreements. This is a complimentary service we deliver to all our clients ensuring you understand the scope of your insurance protection and quantify the commercial risk of the contract.

Premium funding

Premium Funding payment solutions can help to free up your cashflow enabling you to allocate funds to more productive and immediate uses by investing in areas that directly impact the growth of your business.


Penguin hold strong relationships throughout the premium funding market and work closely with both out clients and funders to ensure the most competitive structure is achieved.

Network opportunities

Understanding our clients businesses and needs allow us to keep a look out for opportunities within our networks. Our vast relationships within the business community provide a great platform for us to help your business grow.