Welcome to our colony

The First Penguins. Innovative, Curious, Exceptional.

The Penguin Way

At Penguin, we are firm believers that the absence of prior attempts should never be a deterrent to innovation. With insurance being an age-old art, we believe that exploring innovative approaches can lead to solutions that would otherwise have not been discovered. 

Our team works tirelessly to tailor & deliver insurance solutions that are fit-for-purpose and meet the unique requirements of each of our clients.

Furthermore, our unwavering commitment to our core values is the foundation upon which we build and operate our business. These values guide our every action and decision, ensuring that we maintain our standards of excellence and integrity at all times.

Doing the right thing, even when no-one is watching.

Be a Penguin

Be Brave. Be Curious. Dare to be first. Dare to be different. This is where innovation is born.

Hakuna Matata

We are the custodians of your insurance program and the gatekeepers of problems.

The Extra 2%

Being exceptional in everything we do. Not good, not great. But exceptional.

Hospitality is Key

Treat others as they wish to be treated, not as you wish to be treated. 

Be Real & Be Kind

Speak your truth. Say it as it. Back yourself and others.
Director | Senior Broker
Jason Fuller

With over 30 years of experience in the industry, Jason has established himself as an expert, having worked with some of the largest broking houses and insurers nationally and globally. Through these experiences, he has gained unparalleled access and knowledge of the global markets, with extensive learnings that have shaped his unique approach to insurance.

Jason’s specialist knowledge in placing unique risks across a diverse range of industry sectors and all insurance product lines has earned him an outstanding reputation. His innovative, out-of-the-box thinking and no-nonsense approach sets him apart in the industry.

Director | Senior Broker
Melissa Wallis

Mel brings a wealth of expertise to Penguin, with a strong background in finance, business, and insurance. Her reputation for immersing herself in her clients’ businesses to gain valuable insights and understanding is unparalleled.

With a proven track record of building trust and strong relationships with the teams she works with, Mel has a unique ability to uncover and resolve complex issues. Her skillset brings exceptional value to the Penguin business, as she leverages her knowledge and experience to provide tailored solutions that meet the unique needs of each client.

Penguin Risk Team Member Kyra Deane
General Manager Broking | Senior Broker
Kyra Deane

With over 20 years commitment to the insurance industry, Kyra brings an abundance of experience and knowledge cultivated across both global and local insurers and brokers.

With a strong technical background forged over 15+ years working for insurers, coupled with her commitment to providing outstanding customer service, Kyra has built a reputation on delivering results.

Her experience across a variety of roles, including Relationship Management, Leadership, Broking and Underwriting has Kyra bringing a unique skill set to Penguin, one that supports driving positive outcomes for our clients.

Senior Account Executive
Julie Moorehouse

With over 30 years of insurance industry experience, Julie has worked for both international and local firms supporting the broker teams. With her exceptional work-ethic, dedication to her clients and positive approach to everything she does, Julie is an asset to the Penguin team.

Account Executive
Ruth Montgomery

Ruth has a natural curiosity and strong desire to problem solve. She provides exceptional customer service with her core focus on delivering clients a painless claims experience. With firsthand experience of the impact excessive claims costs and delays cause to a business, Ruth works seamlessly with insurers to provide efficient claim outcomes.

Account Executive
Marni Shipway

Marni has worked across a range of industries over the past 20 years, delivering excellent client service and solutions. With a background in Major Loss Claims Management, her problem-solving skills and desire to deliver exceptional outcomes is paramount. With a medical background of nursing, Marni provides support to clients Injury Management.

Workers Compensation Claims & Injury Management
Liz Cohalan

Liz is an experienced Injury Management and Worker’s Compensation specialist with a career that has spanned over many industries and jurisdictions. Liz is passionate about making a difference for her clients and their injured workers, particularly in high-risk industries, such as mining, construction, manufacturing, transport, aged care and disability service providers, and she has also worked with both state and federal governments.

Operations Manager
Anna Chitarra

Anna has a diverse background working in corporate and family offices. Anna’s ‘get it done’ attitude and ability to solve problems is invaluable to the Penguin Team.