Why partner with Penguin for your insurance?

Old-school service. Simple processes. Better outcomes.

The Penguin Way

Innovative approach, exceptional service and unwavering commitment to transparency. The team at Penguin Risk Solutions do things differently. Providing decades of experience and old-school service that delivers better outcomes.

The name Penguin was inspired by Professor Randy Pauch, author of The Last Lecture. He created “The First Penguin Award” for the team that was prepared to try new ideas in search for a better outcome celebrating out-of-the-box thinking and the use of imagination in a daring way.

The title of the award came from the notion that when penguins are about to jump into water that might contain predators, well, somebody had to be the first penguin.

In Insurance, we are the First Penguin.

Our Services

Insurance is our game. Service is our promise.

General Insurance Broking

A service and innovation driven approach to building a sound and purpose-built insurance program for your business.

Insurance Program Audit

Comprehensive review of your existing insurance program, to provide a health check on your coverage, premium spend and insurance procurement strategy.

Claims Management

Getting claims resolved quickly with minimal impact on your business is our number one focus.

Board Presentation

We understand the information your board wants and how they want to see it. Our role is to assist in making the delivery of insurance information board appropriate.

Workers Compensation & Injury Management

The care of your injured workers is our priority however workers compensation claims costs can blow out quickly if the injury is not managed instantly and efficiently from day one. This step is key to reducing your workers compensations premium.

Risk Analysis and Profiling

This is the basis of your risk identification and transfer strategy. Our simple risk profiling sessions will identify, allocate and deal with your risks. Not all risks are insurable.

Business Continuity & Crisis Management

A clear Business Continuity & Crisis Management plan is critical to the survival of your business in a crisis and will ensure you pay the correct business interruption premiums.

Contract Reviews

Astute contractual risk management ensures risks are identified at the early stages of all your agreements to quantify the commercial risk you’re undertaking.

Premium funding

Premium Funding payment solutions can help to free up your cashflow enabling you to allocate funds to more productive and immediate uses.

Other Services Include

  • Overseas Program Placements
  • OHS Audits

Our expertise

With 30+ years expertise, the team at Penguin Risk Solutions have your assets covered.

Industry Specific

Our team has a broad scope of experience across multiple sectors with a strong focus on Mining, Construction, Property & Contracting.

Risk Specific

Our depth of expertise across all product lines ensures no risk is left unquantified or uncovered.

Complex claim solutions

Over the decades the team have worked through multiple complex claims with an unrelenting focus on delivering the best outcome.

Domestic & International Insurance Relationships

As with all relationships, the value of strong domestic & internal partnerships cannot be undervalued.

Industries we work in

Although a Mining & Construction-centric state, the Penguin team cover assets across many industries, with a focus on the risk, over sector.


Exploration, Construction, Production,
Care & Maintenance - All commodities


Resources, Civil, Infrastructure

Construction & Property

Civil, Resources, Commercial


Professional Services